Please click the link below to begin the foster or volunteer application process!  Our application is all-in-one, so you can apply to foster, volunteer, or adopt.


There are many ways to volunteer with RESCUEDohio, but the most popular way is by fostering a dog.  Fostering is so rewarding and fulfilling because you are making a huge difference in a dog’s life.  Some dogs are emotionally shut down, others have medical needs and others are simply unwanted.  Foster families help these dogs by giving them a loving home until they find their forever families.  Instead of waiting alone on a concrete shelter floor, they are snuggling with you!  RESCUEDohio provides their fosters with food and supplies and all approved vetting is covered by RESCUEDohio.  What the foster family provides is a safe, loving home and positive training for their foster dog to prepare them for their new home.   To become a foster, you will need to be approved by the board, which will include an approved application, a vet reference check and a home visit.

There are many other ways to get involved and volunteer with RESCUEDohio.  Please email info@rescuedohio.org if you are interested.