About Us

RESCUEDohio was founded on August 1, 2015 by a group of dedicated animal lovers in the central Ohio area.  The founders came from various different vocational backgrounds, but all have one thing in common:  the passion to save dogs.  Before starting RESCUEDohio, they were previously involved in different aspects of rescue, including fostering, fundraising, coordinating and training.  The mission of this group is to help find homes for unwanted and abandoned dogs and to advocate for the rights of all animals everywhere.

Why are we the greatest rescue around?!  Our people!!  RESCUEDohio is a 501(c)3 organization that is run 100% by volunteers.  We have a board consisting of three members and over 300 volunteers who work together to save lives.  Get to know a few of them below:


featured volunteers

Sometimes people want to help, but just aren’t sure where to start. Frankly, once you start digging in, those opportunities are endless. We asked one of our favorite volunteers, Anita, when did you decide to jump in?

 “My friend and neighbor, Bridget, invited me to join RO in January 2017, when I retired and had more time on my hands. I started with transporting and helping with events. Transporting is fantastic.  It’s like the front lines of our rescue. I’ve learned to always use crates. It’s safer and cleaner (and better than a worm coming out of Toto’s butt onto your lap).   I also brought fosters to their vet appointments and walked dogs in bored-ing (Sansa! JR! Jett!), which usually included a stop for a burger.

Helping with events is awesome.  I have a pair of lucky socks (they belonged to my sister) that seem to get dogs adopted (slight exaggeration, but sometimes we wonder). I cannot be entirely trusted to bring home another volunteer’s foster from an event. That’s how we adopted our Archie. I’m much better at talking to potential adopters and setting up. Or drinking beer or getting a very painful tattoo… All in the name of rescue, of course.

When I started volunteering, we had three dogs.  Our Betty passed away suddenly last August and that’s when I started fostering. I suck at it. We found a great family for our first foster and kept our second (Sonata).

I’m now helping with applications. A big shout out to the app team. They’ve been helping the old lady that grew up without computers and cell phones get better versed in technology.

I consider myself a dog freak.  I wave and/or greet dogs I see on the street. I hang out with the dogs at parties, not the humans. I thought I was weird until I joined RO. It’s made up of dog freaks. It’s fantastic!  One of my husband’s  friends asked him why we worry so much about homeless dogs when there are homeless people in the world. I responded, ‘Because dogs can’t speak for themselves.  They need us.'”


We would like to thank all of our current volunteers, donors, fosters and adopters!! We wouldn’t exist without you.

If you would like to become involved with RESCUEDohio, please click on the volunteer tab. We would love to have you!