Let’s save lives together

Our organization is 100% volunteer-based with no paid staff.
Join our amazing team of dog-lovers to start making a difference.


The most popular way to help out is by fostering a dog.  Fostering is so rewarding and fulfilling because you are making a huge difference in a dog’s life.

Some dogs are emotionally shut down, others have medical needs and others are simply unwanted.  Foster families help these dogs by giving them a loving home until they find their forever families. Instead of waiting alone on a concrete shelter floor, they are snuggling with you! 

To become a foster, you need to be approved, which includes:

Grayscale photo of RESCUEDohio volunteers surrounding a smiling dog standing in grass

Other ways to volunteer

Most of our volunteers foster dogs, but there are many other ways to get involved, including:


We need foster parents like you to help us give a 2nd chance at life to homeless dogs & puppies here in Central Ohio!

RESCUEDohio supplies:

You supply: