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We are an 100% volunteer based organization and have some of the best people on our team. While fostering is a huge part of our volunteer base, there are many other types of roles. We have volunteers that evaluate applications, coordinate vet care, support our database, answer emails, write for grants, schedule events and fundraisers, transport dogs from shelter, take dogs to attend adoption events, walk dogs who are in boarding, pick up food from local retailers, find sponsorships for fundraisers, arrange gift baskets for auctions, write thank you notes for donations, and more (yes, there is more!)

While there are many ways to volunteer with RESCUEDohio, the most popular way is by fostering a dog.  Fostering is so rewarding and fulfilling because you are making a huge difference in a dog’s life.  Some dogs are emotionally shut down, others have medical needs and others are simply unwanted.  Foster families help these dogs by giving them a loving home until they find their forever families.  Instead of waiting alone on a concrete shelter floor, they are snuggling with you!  To become a foster, you will need to be approved by the board, which will include an approved application, a vet reference check and a home visit.

Please click the link below to begin the foster or volunteer application process!   If you have any questions about volunteering with RESCUEDohio, please email info@rescuedohio.org.